5/13/13 Mrs. Boldt went to Farmer Warren's Farm and picked up 14 eggs We had to wash the eggs with just water before putting them into the incubator. 7 of the eggs will go into our classroom incubator and 7 will go into Mrs. Koleno's incubator. It takes 21 days for the hen eggs to hatch. Our classroom chickens are set to arrive June 3, 2013! We are so excited! Hopefully the time will go fast. We will be able to look inside the eggs in about a week. So check back next Monday for an update.


5/20/13 We candled our eggs today. Candling is done in a darkened room with the egg held before a light. The light penetrates the egg and makes it possible to observe the inside of the egg. It was so cool! It was harder to see inside the brown eggs. In one of the eggs we could see the blood vessels and it looked like something was moving. We also saw the air cell. Mrs. Boldt had to be very careful handling the eggs. We could only look and not touch.

6/3/13 They are here! 3 of the 7 chicks have hatched! We are expecting 3 more to hatch today. Make sure to check back often. The 3 that hatched are very loud and so cute! We all love them!