SASD Technology Leader Cheryl Meyer

Cheryl Meyer

First Grade Teacher

Lincoln-Erdman Elementary
Room 106

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     Teaching is my passion.  Each year I get a new batch of first graders to inspire, always thinking I will never get them as far as last year's class.  Somehow, they always show me how amazing first graders can be and inspire me right back!

     Students in my classroom have many opportunities to use technology to further their learning.  We use i-pods, i-pads, laptops and desk computers for math practice and reading.  We have a document camera, called an Elmo, which we use to share our writing, learn math and get up close and personal with our caterpillars, chrysalis's and butterflies. 

     This year I am embarking on a new challenge as a Technology Leader for Lincoln-Erdman.  I had the opportunity to take a fabulous class with Mrs. Urban, a Technology Facilitator and second grade teacher.  She provided opportunities for the Learning Leaders to collaborate and learn a great deal about today's technology and how to use technology to further our students' education.  Now we are ready to go back to our schools and help the teachers at our schools become more tech-savvy and comfortable with the technology tools we have available.


Personal Experience Technology Skills

North High School

UW Sheboygan


UW-Green Bay

BS in Human Development

Cardinal Stritch University

Masters in Reading and Language Arts

Reading Teacher

Reading Specialist

Scrap booking, cooking and spending time with my husband and our two children.

I consider myself to be proficient in these applications and technology skills:





Power Point


Notebook 10

Digital cameras




Classroom newsletters

Community Maps Unit

Community Jepardy Game

First 25 Days of Daily 5 Plus Technology

Cross checking notebook



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