Jason R. Bull - Principal

Jason R. Bull


Sheboygan North High School


Principal’s Message



One could argue that North is a special school and place for any number of reasons. North offers a great number of co-curricular clubs, activities, and competitive athletics. North High School remains committed to providing flexible, comprehensive, liberal arts offerings. North has a rich tradition of being extremely competitive in a variety of athletics. And North High School offers, and shall continue to offer, a plethora of honors level courses across content areas.


There is no doubting that the aforementioned are certainly pieces of what makes North a special school and place. Yet, I believe that it is much more simple – North is special due to the dedicated, student-centered professionals who work diligently each day to support the educational journey of all students. These professionals work to build and maintain positive working relationships with students, parents, and each other. The North High School staff constantly and consistently work to infuse literacy across all content areas. Our staff regularly engages in data-driven decision making to drive rigorous curriculum and doing things differently and better for students. The North staff has created, and continues to create, options to support academic and social progress. Examples of these efforts include offerings such as Connect4Success, Red Raider Manufacturing, Saturday School, Flex Publications, and alternative education programs. The entire staff works each day to support the North vision. And, finally, each member of the North staff remains committed to word and action to provide every opportunity for all students to leave North happy, successful, and productive community members.


North is a special school and place for students, staff, parents, and community members due, in large part, to the dedicated staff. The staff is ready, willing, and more than able to support you and your students’ educational journey.



As North High School continues to work in  partnership with parents, staff, students and community members open lines of communication are essential.  I welcome your input and inquiries.  Please utilize the contact infromation below as needed:


920.459.3603 or Beth Grebe at 920.459.3602