Jason R. Bull - Principal

Jason R. Bull


Sheboygan North High School


Principal’s Message



The members of the North learning community do not do what we do each day for students because it is easy. It is not without challenges, roadblocks, and major barriers. The work we do is not for the glory nor the major financial rewards we each reap. We each do what we do for students because it is the work that is right. The work that needs to get done. The work we do each day for and with students has and will continue to positively impact individuals, our community, and our society. We advocate for those who have no one to advocate for them. Our efforts each day will have long-lasting implications for many. Our work is a moral obligation to our students, their families, and our future.


With the above being said, we shall not be remembered for the schedule we utilize, the length of our classes or the size of the group we taught. North will never be considered for the bell schedule, the length of passing time nor the elimination of bells. Our work shall be remembered for the deep, meaningful relationships we built and maintained, the love of reading we fostered, the culture of challenging the status quo we created, and the transferable life skills we instilled. The North High School learning community will be remembered for its commitment to doing things in the best interest of students, asking critical questions, and always doing things differently and better. North will be remembered for preparing young adults to be successful and happy, however they define success and happiness, in all future endeavors.


Although the move toward the full implementation of a flexible schedule model is no longer the plan for the North High School learning community, it is with our overarching goals in mind that each member of our community shall continue to work diligently to provide equal opportunity for learners to attain their highest level of academic achievement, personal growth, and intellectual development is a safe and caring environment. North shall take the lessons learned from our recent journey and become a better school and place for all students.


I look forward to future of the North High School learning community, knowing that our work has just begun.




As North High School continues to work in  partnership with parents, staff, students and community members open lines of communication are essential.  I welcome your input and inquiries.  Please utilize the contact infromation below as needed:


920.459.3603 or Beth Grebe at 920.459.3602