Jason R. Bull - Principal

Jason R. Bull


Sheboygan North High School


Principal’s Message



Soon semester one shall come to a close. The close of semester one offers a natural time and break to reflect, consider and plan accordingly. This time of the school year certainly holds different meaning for different groups. Freshmen students will have one semester in, and now should have a firm grasp of what high school has to offer. Senior students will have one semester remaining, and now should be looking to what’s next while making every effort to make a strong finish to their high school years. For the staff of North High School, the close of semester one signals a time to review successes, make adjustments and gear up for the months ahead. No matter the group, the time will soon be to focus or re-focus on the business of education. The vast majority of students will remain with their semester one teachers. This continuity of schedules affords further opportunities for relationship building, in-depth exploration of topics, and the advancement of academic rigor through the promotion of higher order thinking skills. Knowing the academic progress that will have been accomplished, semester one also affords students, parents and teachers the information they need to make adjustments accordingly. Students are encouraged to reflect on the semester that was and make efforts to ensure a successful semester two. In addition, if support is needed, opportunities abound. The entire North High School staff is ready and willing to support and help all students in any way possible.


Semester two also offers many interesting events to participate in and enjoy. The close of the winter athletic season will bring excitement and hope for a number of student athletes, parents, and coaches. The spring play will provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy the arts and the fruits of many students’ and adults’ labor. Much time, effort and planning goes into providing a memorable prom for students. This year will be no different. In fact, given its off-site location, prom is sure to be a special event. Early spring will see North High hosting vocal, orchestra and jazz concerts, scholarship night, and EXPO. Semester two will be crowned by graduation at Vollrath Bowl, a true celebration for students, staff, parents and community members. Although semester one will soon be in the rearview mirror, the time is now for making adjustments, marking the calendar, and focusing on the tasks at hand.


Semester two also has all freshman, sophomore, and junior students participating in the ACT Suite of standardized testing. The data gathered from this series of tests will be used by students, families, and staff to better prepare each young adult for life after North. Finally, each member of the North learning community will have an opportunity to provide the North administrative team with feedback on the efforts to prepare a safe, caring, and rigorous learning environment. Please look for this survey to be available online April 1, 2015. The successful navigation of these changes will always be our core beliefs and commitment to students. It is the commitment to and efforts toward these core beliefs, that will continue to have North be a special school and place.




As North High School continues to work in  partnership with parents, staff, students and community members open lines of communication are essential.  I welcome your input and inquiries.  Please utilize the contact infromation below as needed:


920.459.3603 or Beth Grebe at 920.459.3602