Jason R. Bull - Principal

Jason R. Bull


Sheboygan North High School


Principal’s Message



The start of every school year is filled with excitement, opportunities, and challenges. The 2014-2015 school year will be no different for the students, staff, and parents of the North High School learning community.


Although North will remain focused on our three core beliefs – building and maintaining meaningful relationships between students, families, and staff; the importance of literacy across all content areas; and the implementation of common and rigorous curriculum within all disciplines – North will realize a few changes that will positively impact learning and achievement for all students.


This year, all freshman, sophomore, and junior students will participate in the standardized tests within the ACT Suite. All freshman students will take the Aspire test in the fall and in the spring. Our sophomore students will continue to take the WKCE tests in the fall, and then take the Aspire test in the spring. All junior students will take the ACT and WorkKeys tests in the spring. Results from this series of tests will provide academic insights for teachers, parents, and students, as well as serving as a guide for college and career planning. In addition to the implementation of the ACT Suite, the North learning community will realize deployment of mobile devices for each student during the 2014-2015 school year.


Every North High School student will receive a Chromebook during the early days of September. These mobile devices will serve our 21st Century students well as each young adult is encouraged to research, explore, and chronicle academic progress through the use of a personal device. These devices will become engrained in the hourly and daily life of every North student and staff member as a supplement to engaging activities within each classroom. While changes shall continue, it will remain paramount to seek input from all stakeholders of North.


In the spring, every member of the North High learning community will have an opportunity to provide feedback and insights as to their experience with the North staff. The first of a yearly opportunity for all North stakeholders will be provided via an electronic survey based on the identified core beliefs and shared vision of our learning community. The feedback provided will offer insights as to what the staff can do differently and better to prepare all students to be happy, successful, and productive members of their communities in their years after North.


There is much to be excited about for the North High School learning community this year and beyond. I look forward to the year ahead, knowing the days will be filled with opportunities, challenges, and learning experiences.


Please look to this and future Raider Reports, along with our numerous social media outlets, for more details and plans ACT Suite-, digital conversion-, and survey-related.




As North High School continues to work in  partnership with parents, staff, students and community members open lines of communication are essential.  I welcome your input and inquiries.  Please utilize the contact infromation below as needed:


920.459.3603 or Beth Grebe at 920.459.3602