SASD Technology Mentor Juli Coffey

Julia Coffey

2nd Gr. Teacher

Longfellow Elementary

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I love taking new adventures and discovering innovative ways to promote fresh ideas. As a technology mentor I strive to encourage others to explore and uncover exciting ways of educating our 21st century learners!

Technology Mentor PBIS Unit:

Longfellow's 2011-2012 PBIS Handbook

PBIS Jeopardy Game

PBIS Jeopardy (online) Game

PBIS Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Game

Personal Experience Technology Skills

BA Physical Education: Arizona State

BA Elementary Education: Silver Lake College

Masters in Education: Lakeland College

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Sports...especially tennis, make me feel great! I love going upnorth to our cottage and traveling new places!

I consider myself to be proficient in these applications and technology skills:
Word      Excel     PowerPoint
iTunes     iPhoto    IDvd

Here are some of my favorite websites:




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