Project 2013 - 5032 Wild Meadow Dr

Doors, Trim, Cabinets


March 11, 2014

Mr. Grunewald

I have never been happier to be working inside of a house. Wisconsin definately made the students earn it this year but we pushed through it.  The drywall has been finished and the painters came through and painted everything up.  The students spent last week installing the doors and the door trim and are moving onto kitchen, bath, mudroom and laundry cabinets.  Then the students will start trimming the windows and installing the baseboard.  The trim in this years house is unique and detailed.  I'm proud of the job the students are doing with the trim and cannot wait to show it off to the world.  The house is looking great and I encourage you to stop out and take a look at their work.  Stay tuned for more pictures.  Have a great day.  Mr. G