Project 2014 - 5038 Wild Meadow Dr

Project 2014 Finishing

OPEN HOUSE JUNE 6th 10-3pm


April 29, 2015

Time flys and the project is moving along. The students have been working on the exterior finishes such as siding and soffits and have also started installing the cabinets. The bathroom cabinets are installed and the kitchen and laundry room cabinets are just about done. We have 1 month left to wrap this project up and the to do list is long but manageable.



March 16, 2015

During the past couple of weeks we have had well below and well above average temperatures. The students have finished installing all the window and door casing and have started installing the baseboard. We have also started working installing the siding trim and hope to start siding soon.



February 18, 2015

Interior trim has begun. The students have installed all the 5 panel doors and are just about done with putting the casin on the doors. The trim in the cupola started yesterday and will be done later this week. Later this week we will begin installing baseboard and window casing.



January 30, 2015

The drywall is hung, textured, primed and painted. Here are a few pictures of the students installing the drywall. While the drywall was being finished the students were at school building for the house. South spent the week building a 2" thick 4' x 7' mahogany countertop for the island that looks amazing. While South was building that North was building the newel posts for the stairs as well as the cedar posts for the front porch. Both did an amazing job and the students really seemed to enjoy the projects.



January 9, 2015

We pushed and pushed and with a lot of extra work made out deadline of being ready for insulation before we left for winter break. All the mechanicals are installed and inspected, the insulation has been finished and today the drywall was delivered. Monday morning the students will start a very exciting unit which is installing drywall.



December 14, 2014

From the worst November weather to some great December weather the students are making great progress on this years project. The students had a full day on the 12th and set 90% of the windows and have the house all shingled with a little portion of the garage left to do. The students have also built and erected all the interior walls and have just started the stairs. This week the mechanicals get installed and the house will be ready for insulation come the new year. Lots of great pictures to look at!!!!!!



October 31, 2014 - Roof Framing

For a change the weather has continued to be fantastic!!! Students have been extremely busy the past two weeks and so take a look at the pictures to see the progress. The walls have all been completed and stood and we took a full day to install the house trusses. Students are working on the subfascia and started to install the OSB on the roof. It is an exiciting time of the build and progress has been great. Stay tuned for more pictures of Project 2014!!!


Here is the jobsite banner with our partners that will be outside of the project house!