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Here's what you can find on each of the pages listed to the left:

Assignments & Handouts:

If you miss class for any reason, this is where you want to go!  Daily topics and activities are listed, with each handout available in Microsoft Word (.doc), PDF, and HTML formats.  Copyrighted materials--from textbooks or purchased materials will not be available online due to legal guidelines.


The course syllabus you received in the opening days of school are duplicated here.  It contains relevant information such as grading policies, course curriculum, and expectations for all of the different types of assignments.  It also includes my personal contact information if you need to access me outside of the school day.  Also linked from this page are the required and recommended supply lists for each course.

AP Language and Composition students will also find the link to their online discussion board.

Web links:

You'll find useful stuff to help you with your completion of some class work;  some of these links will take you to sites outside of the Sheboygan Area School District.  There are also some fun links where Mrs. Abstetar likes to hang out.

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