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This web page is designed to help German students keep track of upcoming assignments and tests or quizzes. It also includes links to study resources. Information about class and special events offered to students enrolled in German is available.


Frau Kirchner

Vorschau: pre-chapter 7th Grade Current Lessons are here!

Kapitel 1-1

Kapitel 1-2

Kapitel 1-3


Kapitel 2-1 

Kapitel 2-2

Kapitel 2-3

Kapitel 3-1

Kapitel 3-2

Kapitel 3-3 8th Grade Current Lessons are here!

Kapitel 3 / Review

Kapitel 4-1

Kapitel 4-2

Kapitel 4-3

Kapitel 5-1

Kapitel 5-2

Kapitel 5-3

Kapitel 6-1

Kapitel 6-2

Kapitel 6-3


World Language Week

Amity Teacher

Parents, please feel free to contact me concerning you child's progress. E-mail is the most efficient way to contact me.

Susan Kirchner