Student Sites


Books: Fantastic Bats (JK), Bats (Urben/Engels), and Stelluluna (JK)


Bat Centers
Word sorts
Read bat books
Computer –bat websites
Bat poetry
Different Kinds of Bats (see sheet)

“A Bat’s Body” see sheet
KWL about bats
Apha-Bat-ical order (see sheet)
Bat unscramble (see sheet)

Bat comprehension sheet
Read and discuss bat book
The inside story – see sheet
A Bat’s Body – see sheet
Write bat facts on bat paper
Batty About Bat Facts – comprehension (see sheet)

Day One

Bats : KWL – what do you already know about bats, and what do you want to know about bats (students get into groups and use  a transparency and overhead markers to write what they already know – they share with the whole class) Do the same thing for what they want to know.


Preview, predict, and read story (non-fiction) aloud to class - asking questions as I read. Talk about “teacher questions”

A Bat’s Body – read and discuss

The Inside Story – complete together


Day Two


Choral Read Story


Bat Questions (see sheet): Teach students how to find “right there answers” by looking back in the book. Students answer questions with a partner, writing the page number down that they found they answers.


Day Three


Partner Read Story


Batty Poetry packet with a partner