Pumpkin Fiesta

Pumpkin Fiesta

(p. 396-421)

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Background:  Pumpkins

Spelling: y/ies

Preview, predict, picture walk, read story aloud and discuss

Guess the Covered Word


Story: Choral Read, partner read, independent read, listen to story on tape

Vocabulary:  boasted, crept, crown, village, vines (p. 394-395)

Poetry: Tommy (p. 394p)

Writing: Organization: If I could crown anyone…

Crown Someone Queen

Crown Someone King

Word Building: pumpkins 

Pumpkin Fiesta Centers (DI) Pumpkin Fiesta Centers
Pumpkin Life Cycle ppt. Pumpkin life cycle cards
Spanish Flap Book: word study Make your own crown
Pumpkin Seed Experiment Calabasa (Pumpkin en español) song
Pumpkin Facts Pumpkin Quiz
Pumpkin Tommy Poem