Project 2015 - 5037 Green Meadow Place

Project 2015 - DONE!!!




I was a crazy hectic finish to say the least. Each year we come up with more complexities and the build seems to take longer each year. This house is amazing and it was a blast showing it off to the community. There were so many great comments about the house and after seeing the pictures it is clear to see.




Back outside enjoying the warm, cold, windy, rainy weather.... Sure do love building in Wisconsin.




The cabinets are installed and now the painter can come... The students did a great job installing the cabinets and next up is installing the molding on the cabinets.




The house has been textured, primed, and painted. We have moved back into the house and last week we hung the doors and started installing the trim. I've uploaded a bunch of photos so you can see what we've been up to the last month. We will work on baseboard next and then install the window trim.




Drywall in coming along and hopefully the house will be ready for us to move back in. Thanks Tenpas Drywall for taking the time to teach the students about your trade.




It has been a while since I put out an update but progress has been great. The interior rough up is finished and the mechanicals are installed. Thanks to Guske Electric, Edgewater Plumbing, and Four Season Comfort for spending the week teaching the students about your trade. The soffits and fascia are just about finished and students are building the tapered columns on the front. Next up - Drywall!!!




Another great month in the books. The students have finished the roof and have most of the interior walls built. Now we are moving onto windows and finishing the interior framing in preparation of the mechanicals. Busy couple weeks ahead for us.




What a week of weather, seems like it just keeps getting better and better. Roof framing is wrapping up and time to start waterproofing the roof. A great week of work ahead.




On Friday students had their first full day of construction and we used the time to set trusses and install the OSB on the garage walls. Thanks to the great weather progress has been great and hopefully another week or so the OSB will be installed on the roof.




Hard to believe we are 1 month into the build. The floors are done, house walls are erected and garage walls should be finished in a day or 2. Roof trusses are coming tomorrow and students will experience their first full day of construction on Friday.




Groundbreaking was fantastic this year! Thanks to everyone who attended and celebrated the start of another project. Now that we have officially started the students are ready to start framing. Stay tuned for more pictures.




The foundation is in and students are ready to get building. Wednesday we have our Groundbreaking Ceremony at 9:15 am and after that students will get to work. Students have prepped the site and are just about finished with their OSHA 10 - Construction training.




Here is a glance at this years house. We are on schedule to dig the 27th-29th of July with the foundation walls to follow right behind. In the next week or so I will be putting the blueprints and specs online.